GEF Teacher Transformation Programme

GEF Teacher Transformation Programme Identified as one of the key factors in social degradation, a large percentage of teachers is caught in the poverty trap themselves – poor in lifestyle, personality, modern thinking and poor economically. The success of the triad hinges on the transformation of teachers first!  A teacher transformation model is being trialed […]

GEF Junior Ranger Programme

GEF Junior Ranger Programme Inspired by Dr. Dinesh Watawana’s prognosis on psychological engineering GEF’s Junior Ranger Programme is a game-changer and will enlist the greatest human asset and influencer – children, into a development model of epic proportions. The project under research and development at ground level works along the following premises: Inculcating values into […]


Sri Lanka was the venue for the international convention of the Association for Tropical Biology & Conservation.  To offset the carbon footprint of the international confab, 500 trees were planted at the venue – the sprawling complex belonging to MAS, one of the island’s leading garment brands.  The ceremony was inaugurated by Sri Lanka’s President […]