GEF Junior Ranger Programme

Inspired by Dr. Dinesh Watawana’s prognosis on psychological engineering GEF’s Junior Ranger Programme is a game-changer and will enlist the greatest human asset and influencer – children, into a development model of epic proportions. The project under research and development at ground level works along the following premises:

  • Inculcating values into life as fundamentals of growth
  • Building leadership skills, developing personality and creative thinking
  • Training in organizational skills and civic-mindedness
  • Future-focused wealth creation through empowerment
  • Grooming as influencers in family, school and village
  • Induction into conservation progamme as Junior Rangers

GEF is working on a sustainable model that can be replicated as a national initiative with the support of local government and educational authorities.  Also included in the triad is an ambitious rural teacher empowerment mandate.