GEF’s Reforestation Mission

On GEF’s Field Base in Buttala, a new forest is growing on a land expanse of over 10 acres, once destroyed by unchecked slash and burn farming. Grown as a model tropical forest, the new green oasis will also feed our plant bank which will support ‘green’ projects of partner universities and organizations.  Future expansion includes reforestation on the Yala Buffer Zone and a mass-scale reforestation project with the cooperation of the local government authorities.

Sri Lanka's Vanishing Forest Cover

Identified as one of the key factors in social degradation, a large percentage of teachers is caught in the poverty trap themselves – poor in lifestyle, personality, modern thinking and poor economically. The success of the triad hinges on the transformation of teachers first! A teacher transformation model is being trialed based on role-modeling where international volunteer teachers are deployed as influencers in an exchange that benefits both.

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