The Triad of Conservation

Geo-Eexplore Foundation (GEF) is currently developing an ambitious matrix of conservation revolving around Teachers, Children with Trees in the center.  The extensive strategy takes into consideration many underlying factors that contribute to degradation of bio diversity.  Foremost among culprits are crumbling rural economies, threatened livelihoods, lack of governance and lack of awareness.

GEF’s sustainable model of conservation involves the identified triad with a solution based on tackling core issues while presenting a refreshingly resourceful intervention at grass-root level.

GEF Junior Ranger Programme

Inspired by Dr. Dinesh Watawana’s prognosis on psychological engineering GEF’s Junior Ranger Programme is a game-changer and will enlist the greatest human asset and influencer – children, into a development model of epic proportions.  The project under research and development at ground level works along the following premises:
  • Inculcating values into life as fundamentals of growth
  • Building leadership skills, developing personality and creative thinking
  • Training in organizational skills and civic-mindedness
  • Future-focused wealth creation through empowerment
  • Grooming as influencers in family, school and village
  • Induction into conservation progamme as Junior Rangers

GEF is working on a sustainable model that can be replicated as a national initiative with the support of local government and educational authorities.  Also included in the triad is an ambitious rural teacher empowerment mandate.

GEF Teacher Transformation Programme

Identified as one of the key factors in social degradation, a large percentage of teachers is caught in the poverty trap themselves – poor in lifestyle, personality, modern thinking and poor economically.

The success of the triad hinges on the transformation of teachers first!  A teacher transformation model is being trialed based on role-modeling where international volunteer teachers are deployed as influencers in an exchange that benefits both.  

Conservation Model

The multi-tiered village-reawakening programme will see both teacher influencers and teachers working together in implanting and overseeing the Junior Ranger Programme.  The influence of empowered children will be channeled in a sustainable family and village upliftment initiative mapped out with schools, village roads and home gardens as first touch points which will witness progressive results in the areas of conservation, beautification and income generation.

Want to teach, learn and enjoy as a Volunteer Teacher?

This is one of the most unique and exciting volunteer programmes in Sri Lanka for the simple reason that GEF’s current projects are based in and around its internationally-acclaimed responsible tourism initiative – KumbukRiver (  Selected volunteers will be accommodated on the resort and will have the opportunity to be involved with every aspect of activity from teaching to eco-tourism.  Volunteer opportunities are for periods of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.


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In-Situ Conservation

The lively Kumbukkan Oya – famously called KumbukRiver provides a thriving natural habitat for new plants. Our multi-tiered conservation programme includes conservation of genetic plant

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