Dependable Source for Reforestation

Our plant nursery feeds partner organizations with planned reforestation/conservation initiatives, with a ready supply of the four varieties provided at a reasonable cost with returns ploughed back into the programme. Potted plants Ready for Distribution KARANDA MEE KUMBUK

Renewing Yala Buffer Zone

The ambitious 3rd phase of our reforestation programme seeks to bring the ‘green’ back to Yala Buffer Zone; vast tracks of land across the river. Tell-tale signs of a great civilization remain exposed to the elements in this area as it converges with the forest cover of Yala National Park – Sri Lanka’s most famous […]

In-Situ Conservation

The lively Kumbukkan Oya – famously called KumbukRiver provides a thriving natural habitat for new plants. Our multi-tiered conservation programme includes conservation of genetic plant resources in their natural habitats during the wet seasons. Hundreds of thousands of newborn plants of valuable varieties give life to a green velvet each year. The natural cycle doesn’t […]