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The Geo Explore Foundation

The Geo Explore Foundation was set up as a non-profit organization with a mandate to serve as watchdog of Sri Lanka’s bio-diversity. The Foundation sets out to unearth the real problems, and where they are. It seeks to carry out research and offer its own remedial action wherever possible. GeoExplore is geared to carry out awareness among all participatory factions, including the government and the people at the core of the problem. It expects to plan and implement schemes that help poverty-stricken people to have a new lease of life while contributing towards protecting their habitat.


The Geo-Explore Foundations is headed by award-winning Sri Lankan journalist, communications and business consultant Dr.Dinesh Watawana. A former correspondent for The Sunday Times, Asiaweek and The Reader’s Digest, he has been an ardent follower of Sri Lanka’s socio-economic sphere including policies, practices and circumstances that lead to blatant destruction of forests and other wildlife and initiated GeoExplore Foundation with a view to fulfilling his life-long desire to do ‘what one man can do’ by mustering more like-minded people and institutions.

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